My background and how I first became interested in mosaics.

I’ve always felt the need to express my thoughts and feelings through art. Initially that was through writing. Then, totally by accident, at the end of the 90s, I came across an old book about making mosaics. The book immediately captivated me, so I decided to give it a try and quickly fell in love with the technique. In the beginning, I made small pieces and decorative mirrors. Over time, I started experimenting with texture, light, colours, shapes, allowing my creativity to flourish.

Typical setup and the tools you use

I start by sketching my ideas on paper. Once I am happy with it I transfer the sketch onto a mosaic substrate (object, wooden or wedi board, etc.), at which point I am usually ready to finalize a decision about colours. For cutting tools I most often use wheeled nippers, and sometimes mosaic hammer and hardie. Depending on a precision of a cut I need. I also use various dental picks, spatulas and other tools to help me move and place little pieces of tile. As for material, my favourites are smalti, marble and stained glass, which are great for playing with shades and colours.

How do I stay motivated

I’ve been lucky to have more ideas than time. More often than not, new ideas come to me while I am still working on a specific mosaic. These ideas can originate from nature, an image I see, events, or emotions that surface as important. When this happens, I usually just note them in my notebook and gradually build on them. By the time I finish the mosaic in progress, I am ready and excited to start on one of the new ideas.

Rewarding or memorable experience I’ve had as an artist

Although creating mosaics is always rewarding, I vividly remember working on my Indigenous series because of the timing. During that period, public was in the midst of discovering more truths about their horrific experience in residential schools. By working on that series, I felt like I was part of the whole healing process, as if those mosaics were my humble expression of appreciation and apology.

I grew up in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia


Coming Exhibitions

June 2024 – Viewpoint @ Twist Gallery, Toronto

November 2024 – Reflections @ Leslie Grove Gallery, Toronto



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